Performances, Liturgies, Conferences & Pilgrimages

BlogFriends, please join me at any of the events below. 

December 16 – Gaudete Sunday – 10:00 am
St. Patrick Catholic Church 
Dance – “And the Glory” from the Messiah 

December 23 – 4th Sunday of Advent – 10:00 am
St. Patrick Catholic Church 
The Visitation

December 24 – Christmas Eve – 4:30 Carols / 5:00 Mass
St. Patrick Catholic Church 
Movement Prayer throughout the Service!

March  22-24, 2019
Los Angeles Religious Education Congress
Movement Ministry at Liturgies throughout the weekend!

April 6-7 – Sat. 5:00/ Sun. 8:00 & 10:30
St. Leo Catholic Church
The Raising of Lazarus

Holy Land Pilgrimage in 2019!

After a life-changing experience of dancing through the Holy Land in 2017, I now have the opportunity to co-lead an amazing pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 2019!  Below are the details, and I would love to share this deeply awakening experience with you.  Visit the land where our ancestors in faith experienced God’s divine presence breaking through in luminous light!

“TO PRAY WITH ALL GOD’S GIFTS”  A Holy Land Pilgrimage

Bringing the stories of faith alive through song, story, and sacred dance. May 15-26th, 2019.  For more information, view or download a Flyer from Select International Tours.

I am overjoyed to be able to travel through the Holy Land with my longtime colleague, Fr. Michael Sparough, who was my very first mentor in liturgical dance and drama, and with whom I’ve been collaborating for 40 years!  Add to that my most amazing friend and stunning liturgical musician and storyteller, ValLimar Jansen, and this promises to be a most unique pilgrimage to the Holy Land!  Join us!

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View more Video Clips of Dance Offerings in the Holy Land here!

Woman at the Well
Roll Away the Stone
Emmaus Story   


Note:  “Our Hearts are Burning Within Us!”  Study Tour and Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with David Haas, Dr. Art Zannoni, Fr. Ray East, & Betsey Beckman / December 27, 2018 – January 7, 2019.  Dear friends, after deep discernment, I have determined it was a bit too much to ask of myself to lead two pilgrimages to the Holy Land in one year!  So, I have reluctantly released my first schedule trip in January of 2019 in order to stay focused on the trip in May.  Love and gratitude to David Haas for introducing me to the Holy Land.  I will miss you there in January!

To read a descriptive article on my experience Dancing through the Holy Land, click here.